1. Clean the area with water. Do not use washing up liquid or detergent as these can leave residue and the label will not apply properly. Alcohol wipes from the pharmacy can be used to clean the area. 2. Pass your fingers over the wording of the label to add pressure and then gently peel the plastic transfer tape from the corner which comes applied to the word. 3. Apply your vinyl word to your chosen surface and smooth over with your fingers applying pressure to ensure maximum hold. 4. Gently remove the clear application tape from the corner and once again smooth over the newly transferred vinyl word with your fingers. 5. Make sure to position your label correctly before sticking it to the surface as once it sticks it will not remove without being damaged. Please ensure the labels are used within a week of receiving them for optimum stick. The longer the label is left on the clear backing the harder it is to come off. For further information watch the video on how to easily apply your labels.

Yes, although the label offers a strong adhesive it can be removed without causing any damage to the surface, if required. The application of heat works best like a hair dryer.
Our labels are made of semi-permanent high-quality removable vinyl. They stick to almost all smooth and clean surfaces such as glass, plastic, certain types of wood, tiles and wallpaper. They will not stick to fabric, rough surfaces and raw wood.
Unfortunately our labels do not stick to fabric.
Yes, we offer a font in Arabic.
We offer a variety of fonts to cater to different tastes. Please go to ‘Our Fonts’ to see available styles. Please note that some fonts are only in capital letters. These fonts are: Bermondsey font,Brixton font, Camden font, Richmond font and Piccadilly font.
Please see FAQ highlight on our Instagram @rtmlondon or click on the link to see the video. Height = measurement from the bottom to the top of the letters of the label Length or width = measurement from the first to the last letter of the label Please note measurements are in inches.

Please gently hand-wash all items. Do not put in the microwave or in the dishwasher
Due to high demand we have a 5 working day production time and then orders will be delivered with a driver on a specified date. All orders will require a signature upon receipt. Delivery within the Kingdom of Bahrain costs 1.5BD
Our labels are made to be removed easily if required without leaving residue or damage on walls. We cannot guarantee the condition of your wall and cannot be held responsible for damage resulting of a bad precondition of the wall.
As your order is custom-made, we cannot offer any exchange or refund.
In the unlikely event that you receive a faulty product please email us and we will help you to the best of our ability.